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17 Lyulyak Str, Ruse, Bulgaria

Phone:  082 831 831

Health and beauty are our first priority!

In order for your four-legged friends to feel good, we, at grooming salon Sharo & Sharlotta, treat them with extreme care while meeting their needs. Dog and cat grooming is of great importance for their lifestyle and well-being.
The daily care of your pet such as brushing and good hygiene is equally as important as the monthly care provided by us. Taking proper care of your pets protects them from a range of health problems. We can consult you on how to raise your furry friends in a way to bring satisfaction to both of you. 

Our customers can feel free to take advantage of our services: 
-Bathing cats and dogs
-Cutting, trimming and styling your pet’s hair
-Nails/ Ears/ Paws care
-Cat coat and dog coat care 
-Cosmetics of high quality


We are fully qualified to offer highly professional show grooming!

The love and the special attitude towards your pets is a priority for us!


Please, make sure to book an appointment beforehand. Call us on this phone number: + 359 898 441 614

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