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17 Lyulyak Str, Ruse, Bulgaria

Phone:  082 831 831

Laboratory diagnosis

Albeitar Veterinary Medical Clinic is equipped with specialised medical equipment which aids in performing a number of various diagnoses of infectious and non-infectious diseases.
Laboratory diagnosis and clinical pathology, in general, are diagnostic methods of an extreme importance. At our clinic, we have the right equipment to do a full blood test (complete blood count and biochemical analysis), urinalysis, microscopic and cytological examination, microbiology and antibiogram. In addition to this, we also provide hormone (Т3, TSH, T4) and cortisol level tests as well as tests for sex hormones (in male and female pets) and blood sugar levels in patients who have diabetes.
The clinic has a wide range of quick tests for the diagnosis of various diseases. 

Ветеринарна клиника Албейтар е оборудвана със собствена специализирана ветеринарно-медицинска техника, където могат да се извършват редица изследвания за диагностика на инфекциозни и неинфекциозни заболявания. Лабораторната диагностика и като цяло клиничната патология са от едни от най-важните диагностични методи. ...

-Laboratory examination of blood – haematology and biochemistry 


-Parvovirus Test

-Canine Distemper Test

-Coronavirus Test

-Giardia Test

-Brucellosis Test

-4DX Test for diseases transmitted from mosquitoes and ticks 

-Feline immunodeficiency virus test

-Feline leukaemia virus test

-Feline toxoplasmosis infection test 

-Early diagnosis of heart diseases 

-Feline distemper test

-Feline infectious peritonitis test

-Pancreatitis test


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