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17 Lyulyak Str, Ruse, Bulgaria

Phone:  082 831 831


About us

Our team

Albeitar Veterinary Medical Clinic was founded in 1991. Ever since our team moved place three times when we eventually established our clinic at its current address. Over the years, a number of veterinarians and support staff have worked with us. Our current team is composed of five veterinarians, a shop-assistant and a professional groomer. At the clinic, you will find professional service and personalized attention to each and every customer as well as a great and comfortable atmosphere. 

Albeitar Veterinary Medical Clinic is a modern clinic equipped with the latest and specialized medical equipment. At Albeitar, we collaborate with highly qualified, trained personnel. We constantly aim to work to high veterinary medical standards. At the clinic, there are two exam rooms, a treatment area, a digital radiography, an ultrasound room, an operating room, a modern pre-operating room, a laboratory and a recovery room where patients are monitored while they recover. There are also a grooming salon, a pet shop and a hotel for your domestic pets. We aim to create a lovely stress-free atmosphere combined with a high quality of veterinary medical services.

Meet our Team

Dr. Georgi Gavazov

He is a general practitioner who specialises in abdominal and soft tissue surgery. He also shows interest in other branches such as orthopedics, dermatology and projection radiography. 

Dr. Desislava Drumeva

She is a general practitioner who specialises in the abdominal and soft tissue surgery, surgical oncology and ocular surgery. Besides, she had undergone training courses in ophthalmology, dermatology, and dental and surgical treatments for rodents, Guinea pigs, decorative rabbits and more. What is even more, she is a proud member of the Bulgarian Association of Veterinary Dermatology (BAVD).

Dr. Gergana Vitanova

She is a general practitioner who specialises in soft tissue surgery and surgical oncology. She shows interest in dermatology and is also a proud member of the Bulgarian Association of Veterinary Dermatology (BAVD).

Dr. Petar Djunov

He is a general practitioner who has interests in medical imaging (ultrasound and radiography)

Daniela Gavazova – Zoo Engineer

As an expert in feeding and raising pets, she has also been specialising in the grooming of dogs and cats for 15 years now. She got her degree in professional show grooming in Italy. 

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