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17 Lyulyak Str, Ruse, Bulgaria

Phone:  082 831 831

Medical imaging

Medical Ultrasound (also known as ultrasonography and diagnostic sonography)

The clinic is equipped with specialised equipment – Ultrasound. It is a diagnostic imaging technique used in the diagnosis of a number of diseases. There are many advantages of this method, but the main one is that it is absolutely safe, quick and painless for your pet. 

Ultrasound imaging technology has found widespread application, allowing a fast and accurate diagnosis. It is used in: 

- Abdominal ultrasound
- Reproductive system examination
- Excretory system examination
- Digestive system examination
- Echocardiography – examination of the heart


Digital radiography

At our clinic, we have digital radiography which helps us operate to an extremely high standard and in a quicker manner. We aim to take x-ray images of a largely improved quality. Even though we rarely put it in practice, if the pet is aggressive or the position is quite unusual, we resort to sedating the patient. Except for standard x-ray images, we also provide imaging of the gastrointestinal tract and urinary bladder, as well as Pneumocystography of a bladder. 


In case your doctor sends you to our clinic for x-ray image, please do not forget to book an appointment with us in advance.

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